Pick up my red diamond shine large tote...Pics are inside..

  1. I went to boutique to pick up this baby since I just went back from Hawaii vacation. It is gorgeous IRL. The red color is darker in the bottom which is lighter gradually upwards..:yes: It fits comfortablely over the shoulder and the open top is fine with me since there is a detachable pouch in the middle with zip closure.
    red1.JPG red diamond.JPG red2.JPG
  2. WOW!! It's beautiful!
  3. It is sooooooooooooooooo beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeauuuuuuuuuuuutiful! How much did that baby set you back?
  4. totally need a pic of you wearing it! the graduated color thing is so interesting ~~~
  5. Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:love:
  6. :drool: Congrats! I love the red!
  7. That's a real beauty! I love it!
  8. WOW!!! You did some shopping! Saw your beautiful purses on the LV forum as well. I LOVE that red!!!!!! SOOOOOO gorgeous! We need more pics of you carrying it! Love Hawaii- did you carry your bags on the plane???
  9. Hehe..In Waikiki, so many shopping places, hard to pass by. For these LVs, I ask boutique to pack in one bag and I gave it to the flight attendant to store the time I was on board .
  10. It's beautiful.
  11. Just stunning, congrats!!
  12. So pretty. Congrats!
  13. I love it. The pictures do not do it justice. Congrats.
  14. I am drooling right now. Constantly drooling. It looks like a Golden Delicious apple in RED. HOT RED too. Excellent pick!!!
  15. I LOVE the shine-- that is one gorgeous bag! Congrats ~~~~ Enjoy!