Pick up Gucci Lady Web & Glitter Sneakers!

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  1. Super in love with the lady web. The wide canvas strap along with the proportions of the bag work perfectly, so the bag stays perfectly on my shoulder so it's super stress-free to carry.

    The sneakers -- I had NO idea they were SO sparkly. I saw them in person under those bright lights at the store and it was like nothing else existed in the store. Could not take my eyes off of them. Pictures do not do them justice. Plus, super comfortable, as expected for sneakers.

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  2. Love everything especially the shoes. I really like the color.
  3. Loving everything, especially everything :ps:

    and you get a :ghi5: for the bag coz now you're my Lady Web sista
  4. I really disliked these sneakers when I saw them online.
    Then yesterday I saw someone with them on and they looked great.
    I agree the pics do these no justice
  5. Congrats on both! Love the look of the Lady Web as well and those sneakers look so unique. Possibly the prettiest sneakers I've ever seen!:biggrin:
  6. OMG! I want both of these!!!!!! Do the sneakers run true to size? I may have to get them. 😍😍😍😍
  7. Love both of your goodies. Have the Lady Web as well but in suede. Love the sneakers!! Definitely on my wish list. Enjoy!
  8. Beautiful items! Those shoes are amazing!!
  9. Congrats times 2! Both items are stunning, but I really, really love the glitter sneakers.
  10. Congrats! 🏻🏻🏻
  11. congrats! The bag is a classic
  12. Love the bag but - wow - those shoes! Amazing!

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  13. So I FINALLY got a chance to try on the glitter sneakers! WOW!!!! I LOVE THEM! I can see why you got them. Gorgeous. I'm still thinking. Enjoy your new babies!

  14. Did they run true to size? I love them:cool:
  15. Love both and I tried that bag on and love love love the look! Great choice. The only reason I did not get bag is I wished it was a tad bigger. But amazing