Pick the winner of my anniversary contest!


Nishi621's 1 year anniversary contest

  1. Coach Katie

  2. Stevie Lover

  3. Vicious Bliss

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  1. First of all-thank you to the people who entered! You all had lovely submissions about why you love tPF so much-it was hard to pick the 3 semi finalists.

    Here they are in alphabetical order with their submissions, I am asking that everybody out there vote for their top choice.

    I will leave voting open until Friday of this week. Whoever gets the most votes wins the Baby Peach handmade tote bag!
  2. CoachKatie:

    Happy Anniversary, Nishi!

    Why I love tPF?

    I love tPF because of the knowledgeable, caring, and fun group of people it brings together. I've met so many wonderful individuals over the last year or so (even met some at the Minneapolis/St Paul-ish meet), and I have yet to meet someone who wasn't a complete doll. Members of tPF have been there for me when I needed advice, whether it be about a handbag or some personal aspect of life, or when I just needed someone to rant to... there was always someone (usually a group of someones) who were more than willing to take a few minutes to give input or encouraging words which many of you might not know actually makes a difference, sometimes a huge difference.

    I've had many good laughs sitting in front of my computer screen, laughing at either some joke that was told or the latest pictures of a hideous fake that was posted up.

    When I tell "outsiders" about tPF, the majority of the reactions I get are, "Are you serious? People sit around and talk about handbags all day on a forum?" and being an "insider" I can't help but laugh. They just don't understand us. And maybe, for our sake, that's a good thing. Hahaha!

    *sigh* I love it here.
  3. Stevie Lover:

    Nishi Congratulations!!

    Why I TPF! by Stevie, a TPF Nut.

    I came for the purses; I stayed for the friendship, love, warmth, respect and general chatter. I stumbled over TPF entirely by accident in Jan '07 after a fortuitous google search and merely read the forums until I couldn't stand it any longer --> I had to get me some of that TPF spirit! I dipped my toe into the water by posting in handbags and purses and before long I was sucked in good and proper. TPF is my favourite place on the web, I the fact that I can get any question answered be it about bags, purses, shoes, mortgages or even what colour underwear Victoria Beckham prefers (seriously, does anyone know??)! This is a haven of happiness that plays an important role in my internet life now, I know because I find myself doing this --> in real life when I find something cool, because I desperately wish my eyebrows could do this --> and because I can now stop a fake bag at 20 paces! Kudos to Megs & Vlad for creating such a fab place to hang out, long may it continue!!
  4. ViciousBliss:

    It wasn't too long ago that i joined TPF. I was immediately welcomed by the whole community, Dooney's and all .

    In the short time i've been here, i've made amazing friends that i'll have for years to come i'm sure. ( bessie ) the atomosphere is friendly and warm, and there's always something to keep me interested.

    all that aside, this place has been my number one resource for support in life. I've been going through crisis after crisis in my little 22 year old life, and this community has pulled me right up onto my feet. i'm still dealing with all of my problems, but the encouring, inspiring ladies and gents in this forum have really changed my life. Not only do YOU ALL have intelligent, REAL opinions on the situations in my life i come to you about, but it's like ALL of the community members who have lovingly responded to my every word, have made me feel emotionally protected and safe.

    i've never been a part of a community like this, where we all share a common interest, and can help eachother through life. i know that sounds kind of sheltered, (i'm not sheltered by any means) but i've never been one to join clubs or post on forums.

    When i came across this place the first time, i kind of just went right by it, but kept it in the back of my mind. (i was surrounded by a bunch of friends and the whole forum thing was new to me)... so one night while Gayman (roommate) was sleeping, and i was all alone, i googled "the purse forum" which is all i remembered... and it brought me here...

    and here i am today, posting an INSANE amount of posts a day, while recieving WONDERFUL advice, assisting ladies and gents in exciting purchases, ENABLING!!!... which we're all guilty of hehe... and so much more. obviously this place has inspired me to make a few purchases, and i couldn't be happier with them! this whole experience has been wonderful so far, and i've only belonged to this wonderful flourishing community about 3 months now!

    what keeps me coming back? definately the people. the community members i've met here have really shown me a better side of humanity. in real life, i've had tough luck with friends backstabbing and being unsupportive, and this place just LOVES to remind me how great some people really are . every time i feel down someone has something sweet to say to make my day a little better, or some encouraging words, to help me remember i'm stronger than to not have control of my life.

    it's been an enlightening experience to belong to this community, and has really made me a better person. i have more patience, and have learned to think before i speak (or in this case, type!). most importantly The Purse Forum has taught me to look at life through a more positive perspective, and gives me something to look forward to every day.

    this place rocks my socks.

    PS: i love this place so much my gayman joined too! mr.dooney!

    yes i would love that tote because its ADORABLE, but i'd like to thank Nishi621 for this opportunity to confess my undying love for this place.

    CONGRATS on your year mark! how exciting!!! i can't wait to hit that mark! by then i'll probably have SO many posts i'll drown in them!
  5. Just trying to keep this on top to get as many votes as we can-thanks!
  6. What a nice idea! Hard decision, all were very nice candidates!
  7. I stuck the thread- Great submissions everyone!!! Such a great idea Nishi, we have loved having ALL of you here!!!!
  8. Oh! thank you so much Megs! :heart:
  9. Thanks for the contest Nishi - I'm going to bow out gracefully and leave Coach and Vicious to battle it out :flowers: Good Luck Ladies!!
  10. AL!!! I voted for you!.. well..just because. winks*
  11. Nishi, what a wonderful gesture! Many Hugs!
    It is people like you that make the PF such a fun and supportive place. Thank you!
    Good luck to all the contestants!
  12. Good Luck Gals!!
  13. lol i'm entirely too emotional... i read all of the entries (mine included) and my eyes were all teary LOL... what a DORK. aww this place is the bestest :cry: :love:
  14. Thank you to everyone who entered and who voted!

    And, CONGRATULATIONS to Vicious Bliss! I will be PM'ing you for your shipping info.

    Thanks everyone-i LOVE this place!
  15. um :wlae: :woohoo: omg~

    i love u all! lol... talk about TPF makin my bad days better! i got a RAOK card from boxermom AND i won this today!

    i love this place! what a blessing you all are!!!!!!!!!! :love: