Pick the bag


Which Black Chanel Bag

  1. fall/winter 2006 Grained Calfskin Flap

  2. Classic Large lambskin

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  1. I have to choose a handbag the one I was sent


    or a classic black lambskin large
    (this picture is from e-bay, just to show which one I meant)
  2. Question, would you be sending back the small one you were just sent for the larger version? If yes, get the larger version of the new handbag.
  3. I voted for the large classic flap.
  4. i like the classic style more (mainly because I am not into big logo, I like quiet, subtle luxurious bag) but i would pick caviar, i am scared of lambskin.....
  5. I like the new handbag. Just get the larger one that you want.
  6. the larger isn't available, it wasn't picked up by any boutique. The only ones that "could" have it would be department stores and that doesn't seem it's going to happen
  7. Do you feel so in love with the new bag?? Coz though I like the classic style more, remember you can always get the classic flap, the new bag (esp. that new grain leather) might not be around after this season.
  8. I absolutely love the grained calfskin one, it's a bummer that your boutique didnt order the larger size.

    While I voted for the grained calfskin, if you feel the small size isn't right for you, then definitely get the classic
  9. I would keep your new bag if it totally sends your heart aflutter. You know, that special feeling you get when you know you've found almost the perfect bag. :yes:
  10. here is a better picture of the grained one
  11. Are you in a rush? Maybe I can help you locate the larger one.
  12. I have 14 days for the return, if you can help I would love that. Thank you for offering
  13. OK, can you PM me the specifics on the larger bag?
  14. Definitely the one you were sent, I was drooling while looking at it today at the glass case in Dadeland Saks.......it is gorgeous!!!!!!!
  15. Leatherwise, the fall/winter 2006 Grained Calfskin Flap.

    The Classic Large lambskin, although beautiful, is too delicate IMHO to be carried everyday. If it's going to be a special occasion bag (every now and then) the Classic Large lambskin would be fine.