Pick one! Which is your favorite cles?


Pick your favorite cles!

  1. Vernis Pomme d'Amour

  2. Mini Lin

  3. Groom

  4. Red Epi

  5. Damier

  6. Azur Damier

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  1. Too many choices...

    Pros/cons of one over the other? Will the vernis scratch or crack? Will groom peel? i can't decide, so i need your input ladies! Help me decide. :confused1:

    Vernis Pomme d'Amour
    Mini Lin
    Red Epi
    Azur Damier
    [ No Pic ]
    PommedAmour.jpg MiniLin.jpg Groom.jpg Epi.jpg damier.jpg
  2. I love all them! I don't know if the groom would peel, but if you take care of it I don't think it will peel that easy! I have the pomme d'amour cles, and I love it! Sorry I am of no help! I would like to have every single cles! I think the damier will be the one that is most convinient since it is not that high maintenance.
  3. i'm not going to vote because i can't decide. i like the Mini Lin and Vernis Pomme d'Amour Cles, but the Damier would be the most practical, being low-maintenance and made of canvas
  4. I HAVE the damier, I like it cuz I can stuff it with a lot more cards and don't have to baby it. I'm getting MC cles and vernis pearl cles for my bday, and from what I've gathered it will only fit a couple cards bills and coins, whereas damier/mono/mini lin will fit a lot mroe! just a FYI.
  5. I have the azur cles, but if I had to choose from your choices I picked the Pomme. I have lots of items in vernis and have never had a scratch on any of them.
  6. I love the azur damier.. Your picture shows the damier cles not the azur. ;)
  7. I like the red epi.
  8. The mini lin
  9. I choose the Vernis Pomme D'Amour.
  10. Damier Azur:

    it fits more than Vernis,
    it is less delicate than the Groom and Mini Lin,
    and it is visually more interesting than Damier Ebene.
  11. Damier!
  12. what do most of you guys use a cles for?? I don't think they hold that much.......so what do you put in them??

    oh and I love the vernis!!
  13. I like the azur.

    On a side note, I went to LV last week to look at the cles - (I didn't end up buying it b/c it's not lined, but anyway) - I was deciding between the reg. damier and the azur. The SA told me "oh honey, they don't make the cles in Azur." I said, "yeah, they do. But see ya later."

    What a knob.
  14. I'd get Groom or Azur :yes:
    Vernis and Epi aren't that useful IMO, too tight.
  15. Damier! So classic looking I love that pattern on accessories.