Pick ONE - A Gauffre Dilemma!

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  1. Ok lovers of the Gauffre, I need your help!
    CANNOT keep both! :crybaby:
    HELP --- Brown Tote w/Shoulder Strap or Silver Messenger?
    DSC06256.JPG DSC06260.JPG DSC06259.JPG
  2. Congratulation!!! Both of them are so pretty! If I were you and could only keep one, I will keep the tote. The Messener is cute, but I am not too crazy about its color. The brown color is more classic and can be carried from day to night.
  3. The brown, absolutely hands down.
  4. I have the brown and love it . Go for the it, you'll get tired of the silver .:wlae:
  5. Keep the BROWN Keep the BROWN... Keep the Brown!!! :tup:
    It's my absolute faaaaaaaaaaaaavorite bag!!! Congrats! It's gorgeous!!!! :flowers:
  6. I like the brown. I have the same color in a smaller version. Love it!
  7. ohh Pleeease keep the brown! It's simply stunning!!! :drool:
  8. Brown :smile:
  9. BROWN!!!:drool::drool::drool: seriously.
  10. Brown...I think it's gonna be unanimous.
  11. OMG, poor silver messenger is getting pounded!
    Thanks everyone for your input .... keep it coming!!
  12. definitely the BROWN design and colour!!! i have the same design in black leather and love it :tup:
  13. that buttery soft BROWN GAUFFRE!! :wlae:
  14. I can't sit back and let the silver messenger go down without a fight...It's outrageously gorgeous, it's practical and a work of art..

    Brown bags are a dime a dozen....(BTW - I own this gauffre in black and do love the style)...

    My vote is silver all the way............:love:
  15. Definitely, the brown.
    Absolutely, the brown.