Pick My Next H bag: Trim #1 or Trim #2

  1. I would choose the seller that has 100% feedback:p Gorgeous bag, hope you get it!
  2. Thanks, Nola. This is all probably wishful thinking on my part since I'm out on medical leave without pay and DH would have to buy it. Given he just bought my Vermillion Kelly last month, fat chance I'd say, but he hasn't said yes or no yet, so there's still hope.

    Don't ya just hate it when the ones you want show up when you can't possibly get them?:girlsigh:
  3. ^yes since it happens all the time:p!
  4. I think the bag in auction number two looks a tad bit "fresher" and less used. Better pics of the condition.
  5. The second one looks in better condition, so that would be my choice, but please check feedback before (reason for non 100%).
  6. It always happens and this is happening to me RIGHT NOW with another vintage bag on eBay. I know the feeling and you're in good company.:girlsigh:
  7. #2..does look a little "fresher" for lack of a better word..GL!:flowers:
  8. #2 - think this looks 'fresher'! Pretty bag - hope you get it!!
  9. Definitely #2!!!! Looks Really Nice!!!!!!
  10. I would choose the second one. I have bought from this seller and know she is extremely critical in her descriptions, a perfectionist. The first bag isn't in pristine condition, IMO. It's a beautiful bag. Good luck.
  11. Yes....bag number two looks a ton fresher and the color looks richer. The graphite will go with a ton of things and probalbly look well aged. Good Luck..hope you land this beauty!!
  12. I prefer the second one. Looks to be in great shape. Love that color too.

    BTW, I think you being home is getting you into more trouble than usual. LOL :graucho:
  13. ^^^Ain't it the truth, Deb!!! :push:
  14. I love #2. It is just gorgeous. If I were a trim person, it would have been mine!