pick my next epi in ivorie:


Pick which style I should get in epi ivorie

  1. montaigne PM

  2. jasmin

  3. speedy

  4. soufflot

  5. petit noe

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Love the new epi... :love:
  2. the Soufflot in Vanilla looks great so I would guess that it will too in ivorie...
  3. If I don't have yellow Soufflot, I will defintely get it in white.

  4. I got to play around with the Speedy, Passy and the Jasmin and the Jasmin was by far the most gorgeous one, IMO.
  5. Jasmin!
  6. i've had my eye on the jasmin! get it!!
  7. I think the soufflot will be really cute. I asked the SA to show me the Ivorie EPI and he brought out Epi Passy. I would never think about the bag, but the one in Ivorie was gorgeous. I think it looks much elegant than than the bowler.
  8. the Speedy of Soufflot would look nice!
  9. jasmin is my favorite! next would be soufflot or speedy
  10. must look great as a speedy! my second choice would be a jasmin though :yes:
  11. Ivorie looks great in Speedy and then Jasmin, IMO.
  12. i really want the ivory speedy
  13. The Jasmin will be beautiful in this color. :tender:
  14. Jasmin!
  15. I think you should get the speedy