Pick my new summer bag:

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  1. I don't know what to get for the summer and thought i could get some good suggestions here. I need something that holds a nice amount but it's important that it's very light. I would get a Goyard tote but I feel silly that i didn't get one 3 years ago when i first saw them and liked them. Now they fell a bit played.

    My style and bags i already have:
    I have a few bottega veneta bags, which i got because they are so light but i don't want to get another.

    I have a big prada beach bag/tote from 2 years ago-- with the fish and sea horses.

    I have the hermes Evelyn bag that goes across the shoulder-- so i dont want another in that style.

    I have a LV Yellow Epi Alma, a gold ysl muse and like the rive gausch-- Which are all abit too heavy.

    I have an old Fendi tote, which works well but is falling apart.

    I'm not into Marc Jacobs, balenciaga or those new chanel sacs.

    Go for it. Give me your best ideas!
  2. Damier azur speedy 30 or saleya. :smile:
  3. Maybe the new LV Neverfull that is supposingly coming out later this year? I love the shape of it! Not to mention I am crazy for anything with stripes - and it looks like it has a stripe lining! LOL

    It also seems like it would fit your requirements - Light, holds a lot...


    Whoo hoo! Just called LV - they said these are coming out tomorrow! I can go check them out! Yay! Even if I don't buy anything I just love being in that store! LOL
  4. I think you should go for Chanel. The Paris Biarritz series