Pick my bag for Wimbledon!

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Pick my bag for Wimbeldon

  1. White eye miss

  2. Cerise neo Deauville

  3. White satin Abelia

  4. Black fringe speedy

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. DH got corporate hospitality for Wimbledon. I don't really follow tennis, but Hey, free strawberries and champagne, I am sooo there. I think I will wear a white Versace pant suit, so what bag to carry?? White eye need, Cerises neo deuville, White satin Abelia or Black fringe speedy(I know it's crazy, but it is the newest release)
    Thank you!
  2. Oooh definitely the abella ! I love how it's so understated but it's gorgeous. And you lucky girl, you'll actually be able to see Agassi before he retires !
  3. wow! wimbledon, id love to go your soooo lucky!!
    Have a Brill time and my vote went to the abella/abelia? (sp? you and ayla have spelt it differently)
  4. I am with Ayla: Abelia (or balck fringe, but the fringe already got on TV in Monaco, remember?!;))
  5. Can I borrow your white one???:graucho:
  6. I shouldnt worry about not being into tennis...dont think the corporate hospitality people watch much of it...lol
  7. I would go for the black fringe speedy btw...
  8. if you're going today or tomorrow you should be having a poll on which umbrella to take - its pouring down here :sad:

  9. I say the fringe!
  10. be careful, its rains 24/7 in wimbledon!!

    im hoping for venus williams and roger federer to REPEAT as 2006 wimby champs.

    do tell us whose match you get to see.

    HAVE FUN !!
  11. I guess hubby will be taking his LV brolly:lol: I am going next week, I'll have to find out what match it is, duh!
  12. White satin Abelia! Have a wonderful time! I went to centre court last year and had so much fun!
  13. It doesnt rain 24/7 in London thats a vicious lie lol!!!

    You wait...its going to be 30 degrees by friday!
  14. Agree on both points. (Not to mention Nadal or Federer and his new sassy blazer :love:)
    The white will be so lovely at the tourney!