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  1. Hi, I am about to purchase my first Chanel and I have no idea which one I should get. :shrugs:I want a classic bag that will never go out of style that I can pass on to my daughter. My budget is $2,500 max. TIA!;)
  2. I think a flap would be a great choice.
  3. My vote goes to the flap.
  4. I'd say a medium black caviar flap.
  5. Thanks! Do you know how much that costs? How much can you fit in it?
  6. It's a decent size. I recommend you go to a Saks, Chanel, NM, etc and try them on and check them out. I believe they are around $2300-$2500 but I'm not entirely sure. Another lady here will no doubt know though! I was going to suggest jumbo but I have no idea how much those are right now! I haven't been shopping for classics recently soo.

    Def. caviar though. Will last longer than lambskin...by that I mean, it doesn't scratch as easy...is more durable etc..

    Edit: I believe the jumbo is around $2700....can someone confirm this?
  7. The jumbo is $2650.
  8. medium flap or GST
  9. Thanks.

    Once again, I think you should go to Saks, etc and check them out. I think medium is a good size, but it all differs on how much you carry and what you personally prefer. Good luck.

  10. agree. med/large caviar is 2350 and jumbo caviar is 2650. prices going up soon though.
  11. I would suggest the medium caviar flap also. The caviar will be easier to take care of than the lambskin, and it is a more classic and versatile shape/size than the jumbo. It's also under your price ceiling. The GST is a great bag but might take harder use than a flap and therefore not last as long to be passed along.

    Either way, happy shopping!
  12. Wow, thanks so much for everyone's help! I'll go to Saks and try on the medium caviar flap bag then. Do you think I'll like it if I generally don't like flap bags (because I like easy access and not having to push up a flap to access the inside of a bag)? But maybe I should be willing to make this one exception and get ONE flap bag - a chanel classic, right?
  13. I am going to be the odd man out here....for me, the medium flap does not work, because of the two flaps I find it very small and very little fits. For your first and forever Chanel I would say either a GST or go a little bit higher and get the Jumbo, which holds quite a bit.....Good Luck...:heart:H
  14. Well, I just read your last post....if you do not care for flaps, then go with one of Chanels Totes.....Chanel makes great Totes.....:heart:H
  15. Medium flap! I just got one a couple of weeks ago and my 9yr old has her eyes on it! It will be hers one day, i'll just have to get it in another color so her 7yr old sister can have one too. lol!