Pick five colors..

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  1. If you could pick five colors of classic flaps and make that your collection, what would you pick?

    I can go as far as

    Black with SHW
    White with GHW
    Dark silver with SHW
    Purple with SHW

    And I'm stuck for the last one.. :P
  2. black caviar with shw (have a medium, need a jumbo), black lambskin jumbo or maxi with ghw, red (lipstick red) jumbo or maxi flap any hardware, blue with shw (a bright electric blue), either the new light beige with ghw or maybe a gray flap with shw..
  3. * Brown with SHW
    * Navy with SHW
    * Grey with SHW
    * Black with SHW
    * Beige with GHW

    As you can see, I'm a fan of SHW! :nuts:
  4. If I were a woman, here's what my collection colors would look.

    black w/ GHW
    red w/ SHW
    white w/ GHW
    pink w SHW
    beige w/ SHW
  5. Black GHW
  6. blk SHW
    red SHW
    crayonblue SHW (if theres a such colo out)
    brown GHW
    white SHW

  7. Black caviar with GHW
    Purple caviar with SHW
    Fuchsia caviar with GHW
    Red lamb with SHW
    Electric blue caviar with SHW and so on and so on....
  8. Black caviar with SHW
    Black lambskin with GHW
    Red lambskin with GHW
    Purple caviar with SHW
    Pink Caviar with GHW
  9. Black lambskin with SHW *check*
    Purple lambskin with SHW *check - but may sell for a brighter purple*
    Red Caviar with SHW (would need to see IRL before declaring colour OK)
    Bleu Fonce Caviar with SHW *sigh*
    Two Tone Black and White with SHW (well, a girl can dream ;) )

    And yes, I like SHW too!
  10. Black lambskin SHW
    White caviar SHW
    Red lambskin SHW
    Beige (Fonce) caviar GHW
    Silver lambskin SHW
  11. Black lambskin with SHW
    Red lambskin with SHW
    Purple lambskin with SHW
    Dark silver metallic with SHW
    Grey lambskin with SHW
  12. My 5 choices:

    Black caviar with gold hw
    Beige caviar with gold hw
    red caviar with silver hw
    silver caviar with gold hw
    black jumbo caviar with silver hw
  13. Red lambskin with GHW
    Beige caviar with GHW
    Fuchsia lambskin with SHW
    Light Green/Blue with SHW
    Black caviar with SHW
  14. All caviar, all SHW:


    All neutral for me!
  15. #15 Jan 15, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2009
    black reissue with gold hardware 225
    gray reissue with silver hardware 225
    white reissue with black hardware 225
    black caviar with gold hardware medium/large
    red lambskin with gold hardware medium/large