pick a twiggy, any twiggy...


the weakest link: which b-bag has got to go?

  1. 03 black first

  2. 05 bordeaux twiggy

  3. 06 ink twiggy

  4. 05 black twiggy

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. i've bought 3 twiggys in the last few weeks and want to put $ towards a chanel. so, it is time to let one of my bags go!

    please submit your vote for the "weakest link: which bag has got to go?"

    05 bordeaux twiggy
    06 ink twiggy
    03 black first
    05 black twiggy

    EDIT: made the poll so that it allows you to pick 2 bags. gives me some more to think about :yes:
    thank you!
  2. I vote for the 05 black Twiggy, as black will always be in production. :+)
  3. that's also what I voted for! :smile:
  4. the black twiggy needs to go. I agree with Edna, it's always going to be in production.. you can always get it later if you want it. :smile:
  5. photos?
  6. 05 black twiggy ;)
  7. omg! *jennifer* i read it too quickly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and clicked on the INK.... i DONT want you to get rid of the INK... keep the INK!!! SORRY!!!!!! my vote was suppose to go to Black Twiggy!!!!
  8. okay, okay, here's the thread i meant to post on earlier (silly me!!!)...i goofed up too & voted for the black twiggy (thinking that meant "keep her"!!!)...i'm a bit biased though, since i have one that i adore :love:
  9. Black twiggy to go....
  10. Let the 05 Black Twiggy go! :yes:
  11. lol, i just love seeing that adorable poochie of yours staring back at me when you post Pupsterpurse-girl :lol:
  12. Get rid of the black '03 first: I'll take it off your hands!! ;)
  13. ^ avery, lol!
    the 03 is the most beat-up though. she has been quite loved!
  14. For me, it would be bye-bye 05 black twiggy..