Pick A Tano Sex Bomb...Any Tano Sex Bomb!

  1. I'm with you - I wouldn't be able to pick! 'Tho the thought of a "rainbow" of sexbomb crunches lined up in my closet is pretty appealing!
  2. Not in black! Tano colored leather is so cute. I would go with a happy bright color for summer (I did!)
  3. Oh I agree! What color did you get this time around? I was interested in the Cobalt Blue - but what about that Sky Blue or how about Yellow????:nuts:
  4. oooh, def go with a colored one...the caribbean blue, sky blue, and yellow are my faves. the papaya orange is cute too! sorry, i think they are all nice colors, not much of a help am i? :graucho:
  5. scarlet red!!!!! soooo gorgeous and eye-catching!
  6. I like the papaya orange.
  7. Is the bag in the picture the scarlet red? If it is, I love it! I have a Boogie bag in what I guess is scarlet red, but it has more orange in it like this bag. I think I need a Sex Bomb too!
  8. Carribean blue is TDF!!!
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  10. Be still my beating heart! I found the Caribbean Blue Sex Bomb today!!! I had to do it!! It's an extremely hard color to find this season...no joke. :yahoo: I'm going to take advantage of musthavebags promo for us tpfers but I just HAD to get this blue and they didn't have that color available.....
    OMG...I will post pictures as soon as I receive it!!!:yahoo:
  11. Yay! Whatda think?

    I'm thinking of also getting the orange and the cobalt. Although, is Cobalt too similar to the Caribbean Blue? Fern Green is gone, I don't ned another black or brown and I'm not a big fan of yellow....
  12. I like the idea of rainbow sexbombs LOL

    Maybe I will photoshop a picture so we have a visual... lol
  13. Ok, these are just TDF! Where do I find the sweetest deal on these babes?
  14. Well it ends today (May 13) - $20 off all these Tanos at www.musthavebag.com
    (just scroll up and read the message from Tano Expert - that's her store)