Pick a Choo, any Choo..

  1. I need to make a decision which Choo gets to go to Las Vegas and I need help. Bronze Maddy? (lots of glitz), Wet look Riki? (pretty shiney) Silver Meta? (light and comfy and will go with alot)...help!
  2. I vote for the Meta. Have a fantastic trip.
  3. Haven't seen Meta, but I love Riki and Maddy styles. I'd say wet look Riki, but it's hard, because I love Maddy so much too. If you see wearing Bronze Maddy with most of the things you own, then get that.
  4. Bronze Maddy... in line with the Vegas jazz. And the clubs... mm-cha, mm-cha, mm-cha, mmcha!
  5. Tough one jmcadon. Last time I traveled I took my silver Mahala, and it went with everything. Your Silver Meta might be your best bet, but with such choices I understand your dilemma. Just lay all your clothes out, and whichever bag seems to fit the best, take along. Oh, and if you have made a mistake, there are two Jimmy Choo boutiques you can visit where I am sure you will be able to find something that will work:graucho:
  6. jmcadon - I say, carry your stuff in a plastic bag, then head straight for the Choo boutiques from the airport. Get yourself a bag so you will always remember your trip! :yes:
  7. my gawd! if only we all could have such dilemmas, eh? ;) seriously though, those are ALL great choices, and i think whatever you decide, you can't go wrong. :yes: and i agree with samantha! that's what i usually do, lay out the clothes and see...and sometimes, if i find one bag seems to fit most of my outfits, i cater the rest of the outfits to match also. those JC stores nearby will always be a help too in case of any mismatches!! :yahoo::wlae::yahoo:
  8. LOL! That is a great idea! Actually I think I'm going to carry Maddy and pack Meta as it is a soft bag and can be smashed flat...so I'll have a bronze and a silver which should go with everything I plan on taking.

    Thanks Choo Girls!!!:heart:
  9. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:


    Bring a plastic bag (What difference does it make what you carry your stuff on the plane) and go get another Choo to match the outfit of the day and then if it doesn't match the outfit for the following day, go find another bag for that outfit:nuts: (how many days are you going for :graucho:) and so on and so on:choochoo:
  10. Stop that Robynbenz! My credit card can't take much more! This is my last post til I come back from Vegas...bye:party: Choo girls........