Pick a Bag for Each Celeb...

  1. I think this will be a fun game: Pick a bag for a celeb listed.

    First up: Gwen Stefani

    I'd style her with a Chloe' Large Zippy in Rouge!

    Now your bag picks for her (and after say a page or so, we'll pick another celeb!) You can keep styling celebs after there's a new celeb, but put all past into one post!

  2. I see her carrying anything from the Dior Rasta line.
  3. Jean Paul Gaultier Embroidered Satin Sport Bag $1,495.00


  4. 100%!!!!!:yes:
  5. Me three!!!
  6. Now Rachel Bilson!

    I have to think on this..
  7. Um . . . anything Chanel? Don't ask me which one.
  8. Tod's Peggy East/West Bag $1,250.00
  9. I'd pick anything Zac Posen for Rachel.
  10. Gwen Gwen Gwen.... I see bling when I see her! LOL

    Maybe for now... the LV Mono Stephen.

    And for Rachel Bilson, Balenciaga Rouge City.
  11. For Gwen: Balenciaga S/S '07 Rouge Giant Work

    For Rachel: Bottega Veneta Cervo Intrecciato Woven Bag

    Gwen.jpg Rachel.jpg
  12. For Gwen LV Silver Mirior Mirror Speedy
    For Rachel Vintage Hermes Kelly bag (black)
  13. So who's up next?
  14. It's a fun thread!!!

    I will see her carry this YSL downtown bag in Silver.
    She has a baby, so I think a bigger bag is more practical for her.