Pick 2 out of 4 Christian Louboutins!


Please pick 2:

  1. Gold Nappa

  2. Black Nappa

  3. Cream Cataribbon

  4. Brown Cataribbon

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I did a big shoe shopping extravaganza last week and I'm trying to narrow it down to what I really need (as opposed to what I really want - everything!). Help me choose 2. Please!

    Here are 4 pair of Louboutins:
    Gold Cork Thongs - Nappa Laminata 3000 gold $575
    Black Cork Thongs - Nappa Nero $575
    Cataribbon - Cream $290
    Cataribbon - Brown $290

    The Cataribbons run really small so if you are looking at them online get a full size bigger.

  2. I am a total heels girl, and I find CL wedges so comfy...so my vote is for the wedges.

    But i guess it should be what style you wear the most. I wouldn't get enough use out of the shorter heeled.
  3. I'd say keep the Cataribbon's -- they are the perfect chic & casual summer shoe IMO. The other style I think isn't nearly as unique or signature Louboutin (yeah there are tons of rope espadrilles out there, some imitating CL's outright, but none come close); I feel with the other style, there are other brands that make them just as well if not better. I lived in my Cataribbon's (a black one) last summer and love them.
  4. Gold nappa and ...its so hard to choose between the black and white wedges. White is so summery, but it will get dirty...black is more versatile. I can't decide either.
    ETA-nevermind, those are brown, get the brown! :smile:
  5. i have the cataribbon espadrille wedges and they are so comfy and cute. I'm not really a fan of the thongs.
  6. I would be afraid the cream ones would get dirty quick.
  7. Gold nappa and black cataribbons. I have the tiburon espadrille wedge with the black ribbon and I love them! They're a great summer sandal :nuts:
  8. I can only click on 1 in the voting section, so I chose the brown cataribbons. Love those!
  9. OMG!I MUST HAVE those black cork shoes!!!!!!!!!!
  10. mmmm... i'm not trying to be rude but i don't really like either...but if i had to pick a pair i would pick the cataribbon...i have a few pairs of louboutins and i think he does nicer stilettos... =)
  11. Here's my pick!
    Gold Cork Thongs - Nappa Laminata 3000 gold $575
    Cataribbon - Brown $290
  12. Gold cork thongs and brown cataribbon. By the way, the poll is not set up right; it only allows respondents to pick one choice and vote once.
  13. I agree. I voted for the same two styles. I would have voted for the white Cataribbon, except that they will get dirty quickly.
  14. Gold cork thongs & Cataribbon in cream! i vote those two because it's spring! so bring out all those cute, fun colors! you can always buy another pair of sandals in black after all!
  15. i only like the cataribbons, so i vote for those!
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