Pic'is Of My Designer Cocktail Table Books!


Feb 17, 2006
On the cocktail table I have the new Gucci & Chanel Large books I purchased from the Nieman's Christmas catalogue. I also have some smaller Chanel & LV books I ordered online.
And on the fireplace mantel I have the Lrg Louis Vuitton Book purchased also from Nieman's and some more Chanels.
I love to display my passions not only on my arm but also in my home.
Oops, The Pic's!


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Nope, no more obsessed than I am. I love the books!!! You have tastefully used them in your decor. Looks very nice and your other accessories are very pretty as well. I love the look!
Is the Jacques Helleu book any good? Are there lots of pictures of the product? I need a Chanel book but can't find one worth the money and I've never seen this one!

Your table looks beautifully done. Very sophisticated and appealing!