Piccys of my balenciaga family

  1. Very nice! I love your new seafoam! :tup:
    Do you wear the Shoulder often?
  2. thanks! I love the seafoam too.

    Yes, i use that shoulder all the time - nights and weekends its pretty much the only bag i use - its perfect.
  3. OOO! love that Seafoam!!!
  4. Love your collection! That seafoam is seriously gorgeous! :drool:
    I think I really NEED one! :rolleyes:
  5. ^^ what a beautiful collection!!! :love:
  6. Absolutely gorgeous collection! :tup: Congrats! :yahoo:



  7. Great collection! I especially love the seafoam!
  8. Cate :yahoo: - thank you SO much for attaching that one - i'm yet to master it (im think the images are too big to upload). I'd love to figure out how to make it small enough for an avatar.

    And Simona - i just couldnt believe my luck - i mean, i'm NOT new to the brand - ive coveted Bal bags forever, but it was my most recent purchase. I have lusted after seafoam for so long. sigh.:heart:
  9. I love the leather on your Ink. It looks so chewy and soft!
  10. Lovely. That seafoam looks GREAT on you.
  11. Ack, you know I am gonna say that your seafoam is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous! :love:

    Thank you for sharing..
  12. Nice collection! That seafoam is yummy! :drool:
  13. LOVE that seafoam! yours looks perfect
    I have a black twiggy too, isn't it the best?!
  14. i do love my black twiggy but lately i have been drawn to the miu miu bow bag - its so lovely. But the only way i could afford it is to sell black twiggy which would be such a shame as she is just a few weeks old. sigh.