piccy of me and my lil chanel black flap bag

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  1. you & your balck flap are simply perfection!
    you're one GORG gal!
  2. You are so pretty, so does your lil flap. Gorgeous.
  3. wow your so pretty! and your flap is gorgeous! I love the way you hold it. lol very cute
  4. i look like im on a game show or something :P:roflmfao:

    thanks gals - your very sweet. Its a great bag! i cant believe its actually mine :heart::yes:
  5. gorgeouss!
  6. Gorgeous, just absolutely Gorgeous!
  7. Beautiful! You and the bag!
  8. Your bag is too cute!! Is that the wallet on a chain?
  9. You are so cute, as is your bag! I didn't realize the mini was so cute!!
  10. You are beautiful, and your bag is gorgeous. Congrats!!!
  11. You guys look adorable together! :love:
  12. How cute!! cOngrats and happy belated~!
  13. awww cute photo!!! and HAPPY belated B-Day Wishes!
  14. THANK YOU!!
    No, its not a WOC ... its a mini flap ... and its so so perfect for a night out. seriously, it made my outfit and it stored everything perfectly.