1. I saw the cutest little thing called a Piccolo (sp?) - price about $450 or so this weekend. It seems to be a pen case or something - I think that is what it is - but I tried it for minimal makeup stuff and here is what it could hold - one lipstick, one comb, one lip brush, one lipliner and the mirror part of those brush/comb sets you get in business class if anybody knows I mean. This little piccolo comes in a zillion colors. Anybody have one of these?
  2. Is it long and thin? I've been thinking about getting one for a few small odds and ends in my bag.:yes:
  3. yes, it was long and thin and kind of rolled over the top and snapped if you know what I mean!
  4. Oh! I was thinking of the one with the zipper I think but this one sounds even better. :smile:
  5. Do you have a picture of it?:flowers:
  6. no I didn't buy it yet - trying to decide what color
  7. I'd love to get red but I guess I should stick to orange as all my other accessories are orange. :shame:
  8. Ooooh, I'm interested too :biggrin:
  9. Has anyone bought the Piccolo? What is this? I am interested to know.
  10. You can see one in one of the Monde Hermes 2003, the pages with the Agenda.(I or II , i can't remenber) La trousse Piccolo is created to put some pencil but you can put also all your make up stuff. It comes in chevre mysore.
  11. Hmm, I think I saw one at Hermes today... With a zip, like a long thin pencil case. I'm not sure of the colour but it might have been red or violet.