1. Hi I was looking at a burberry bag called Piccadily, it is vinyl with brown leather handles and bottom, infact it is the same as a LV bag called the Alma, now I think it is a discontinued line, as cant find it on any online shops, does anyone know it??
  2. Yes, I have one - purchased in London

    Here she is with my LV Damier Alma :love:

  3. Okay, I found this one i perth australia and spoke to londn and they said it is dicontinued, do you find it okay as it is a hand bag not shoulder as well?? this is only thing that puts me off as it is a lovely looking bag, i had an alma that has just worn out, but it had a shoder strap as well
  4. Thanks also for photo, I cant decide between the burberry and the LV Petit Bucket in mon canvas or the alma epi in the new brown, very nice but a bit delicate for everyday I think, I wonder if the shoulder strap that goes with the alma damier would match the brown in the Burberry?? just a thought as would then be a shoulder bag as well, is it the same or similar brown, dont want to take it to LV shop to see if I do buy it, as been in there a few times and will feel a bit embarresed doing that!!
  5. I've got one too but mine has the lock and key as well as the removable shoulder strap. I see it selling occasionally on eBay.
  6. Yours is the LV Alma then?? as didnt think the Burberry came with a shoulder strap,
  7. Yes, it comes with a removeable shoulder strap and lock and key
  8. Thanks for all replies and will see about the one onlne as it is cheaper than here, as usual australia over charges for all such items, only thing I cant get is a shoulder strap as Burberry say they dont sell them and both bags dont have them, never mind ,
  9. Oh no, mine is the Picadilly. And mine has the removable shoulder strap. Unless someone stuck it in the purse accidentally when I bought it??
  10. ^^^ Yes, as I mentioned before, the Picadilly comes with a removable shoulder strap.