*PIC* Topaz Stam!

  1. (source: Saks.com)
    Marc Jacobs
    Stam Quilted Leather Frame Bag in Topaz

    One of the classic Marc shapes, with top stitching, chain link strap and kiss lock closure.
    • Goldtone hardware
    • Stud accents
    • Double top handles, 4¾" drop
    • Removable 10" chainlink strap
    • Front zipper pocket
    • Inside zipper pocket
    • Canvas lining
    • 10"HX 16"LX 6"W
    • Made in Italy

  3. It came into NM a few days ago and I'm falling in love. It's probably a little late in the game but I bought a black baby stam (after debating between the Topaz or the black).
  4. I was just going to post this same picture from Saks, this color is lovely!
  5. :smile: That color is GORGEOUS!!! Congrats and enjoy!!! :heart: Emmy
  6. Amazing colour!
    Thanks for the pics bag.lover :flowers:
  7. Purty - I saw it IRL in the little Stam version, and it's a lovely greenish blue tone.
  8. I love it in the pictures. I'm going to my Nordies today so I'll see if they have one today.
  9. Very pretty! But I'm still holding out... I imagine that this color would be hard to coordinate with my wardrobe.
  10. ^ The SAs at MJ store said Topaz can be worked into many outfits.
  11. Congrats! I am thinking of getting a Little Stam too, but I can't decide on the color.
  12. Ok, I'm probably the one dissenting voice... But I was NOT at all impressed by Topaz. I thought it looked faded and kinda worn. The color is Saks' photo is nice, but just doesn't look like what I saw IRL at NM.
  13. ^ Agree. It doesn't look exactly like what I saw at Saks & MJ store. It's not as deep and rich in real life.
  14. I have to go see this in store because it actually looks kinda dull but I love the almond color :smile:
  15. Glad to hear the SA is doing her job of trying to sell those bags!;)