Pic. taken at Macys Kristin Graphic Op Art

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  1. Might get a better idea of this one...

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  2. Although the shape is cute, it's Not my kinda bag..It almost looks like cordoroy material,lol.....
  3. Very cute... but I have my eye on that turquoise hobo below it! YUM!!!
  4. Are you there now!!?? I'd love a pic of the op art turquoise and the leather turquoise - both are visible in the pic you took!! The op art looks awsome though.
  5. Wow, I agree!!
  6. Me too - just when I thought I had finally decided on the taupe. :nuts:
  7. I think she's pretty.
  8. Cute...but so small!
  9. Ooh, I think I like that. Hmm...
  10. cute!
  11. Eh...doesn't float my boat!
  12. droool...TEAL all the way!!
  13. I think I;ll pass on this one. Totally NMS.
  14. Not my style at all ~ maybe she is prettier in person but she looks kind of cheap in the photo.
  15. I like it. I was looking at the wristlet online today. Thanks gor showing us IRL.
    Oh yah...I forgot...I'm banned!