*PIC* Spring 2007's Blue Stam

  1. (source: marcjacobs.com)
    STAM in BLUE

  2. ^ This color is described as Cobalt Blue.
  3. I like this color much more than topaz... the color really pops.
  4. I saw the Topaz on Sunday at Nordstrom's and I can't get it out of my mind. I think I'll end up buying it. I prefer the color to the Cobalt.
  5. I love this color!! Do you think the multipocket will come in cobalt blue?
  6. Yes, Quilted Multipocket (with chain shoulder strap) will come in the same colors (except Green) as Stam.

    * Spring 07 Colors for Multipockets *
    SOFT CALF CLASSIC Lg Multipocket (Black, White, Navy, Light Grey)
    SOFT CALF CLASSIC Multipocket (Black, White, Natural, Light Grey, Lavendar)
    QUILTED CLASSIC Multipocket (Black, Ivory, Brown, Blue, Natural)
    PATCHWORK Mutlipocket (Black, Slate, ...)
  7. Cool, thanks for the info and the pics!
  8. OMG what are you doing to me?? i *LOVE* that blue!!!

    Have to start plotting my spring purchase. *dies*
  9. Color is really a matter of personal preference. Blue seems darker and deeper than Topaz. If you like Topaz, get it. =)

    Is there a Bloomingdale's by you? You can get any MJ bag for 20% off if you pre-sale now or buy it from them during F&F event (Nov 15, 2006 - Nov 19, 2006). I saw Black, Almond, Topaz, and Camel Stams at my local Bloomies last night.
  10. Heheee. Spring will be several months away, you have plenty of time to prepare. LOL. These quilted styles will come in this Blue: Stam, Little Stam, MP, Melinda, Zip Clutch.
  11. Since the price of the stam keeps increasing, do you think that (if I ever lost my mind) I could sell my stam for more?
  12. ^ Even if the price doesn't increase, your Putty Stam can certainly sell for more E! =) It's no longer made, many people would love to have a suede lined Stam again. Putty was a popular color for Stam & the leather was yummier than recent ones. Many members are hoping to find one.

    I read on TFS that an authentic Fall 05 Petrol Stam went for $4000 on ebay earlier this year. Ebay/ioffer/etc are flooded with fakes/replicas (getting better too) of Stam, it's a joke for people to think they can get a real one for a few hundred bucks. =)
  13. Can't be exposed to another temptation. Finally a stam with some colour!! M losing my mind!:hysteric:I love all so many bags. Someone needs to start a trend to carry multi bags at one time. I wish I can carry with me a few bags when I go out cos sometimes I cant decide which bag to take out with me.:shrugs:
  14. Omigod bag.lover, are you trying to temp me? I think I love this color more than petrol. Nah, I don't think I should get another Stam. One is enough for me. This is me, trying to talk myself out of even remotely thinking about to get another Stam :nuts:
  15. come on join the dark side.....:graucho: i just bought my second stam...come on...the dark side is calling :roflmfao: if u love it more than petrol??? u should!!!!:yucky: