Pic - RM Mini Nikki - Glaze Black

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  1. Hi! I'm new to this forum. I am about to purchase a RM Mini Nikki in Glaze Black. Does anyone have a picture? I am wondering how shiny it is. Thanks! :smile:
  2. It's very stiff leather but it has a very nice sheen
  3. Which glazed black? Glazed Lambskin? That's not all that stiff & breaks in really nicely with use. There is also the Glazed Pebbled Leather which are so soft & smooshy. Both are shiny but not all that shiny, nothing like patent shiny.
  4. #4 Feb 11, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2010
    Thanks! It's the glazed grain leather.

    Here it is from Bluefly: http://www.tiny.cc/DSwwI
  5. I have the glazed black in a mam, have used it for a while and it's still pretty stiff ... I know I would prefer something slightly smooshier in a shoulder bag like the nikki
  6. Did you get it? The bag looks beautiful, and even if the leather is stiff, condition it, and use it often to soften it up! Love the mini nikki - its my favorite RM style.
  7. Yes! I'm so excited :party:

    I don't own a lot of purses (more of a makeup junkie ;) ) but RM styles are so contemporary yet classic that is well worth the splurge!
  8. yay!!! welcome to RM...but just so you know...once you get one it doesnt end there.....lol
  9. Welcome to RM..
  10. I saw a glazed black mini Nikki irl and the leather is thick and stiff. It has a nice sheen to it and should break in over time. Congrats!
  11. What is this glazed black lambskin you speak of? :nuts: I need this in my collection! Is it just called glazed black?
  12. Noir is lambskin, with a light glaze.
  13. Rm junkie-hood is just around the corner ;)
  14. Sadness. The bag is going back. katelove477, I have to agree that I'd prefer a softer leather for this bag. Also, the glaze wasn't overly shiny, but I think with the gold hardware, it was a little dressier than I wanted. The search continues.

    I absolutely love the style though! Is it me or is the Mini Nikki hard to find?
  15. I think that the mini nikki is not as popular as the regualr sized nikki. As far as I know RM has not made a black mini nikki with anything other than gold hardware. There are other colored mini nikkis with silver or brass hardware.