Pic-resort Bag From K Of P Nordies!!

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    OK..I have to say how dissapointed I was in the rough texture of the leather on this bag.Jillybean was with me and though it looked like a MJ knockoff....the leather was AWFUL after looking at it closeup.....Im wondering if this bag will look better in a diff color?The black was not good.Saw the red in the lookbook..eek...TOO BRIGHT..However I was tempted to order the COCOA color to see what it looked like.The design is TDF..the leather was cheap looking...Disappointing.:crybaby:
  2. Thank you for taking the picture Jill! You always rock!!!! =)
    I'm sorry to hear that the leather's bad, let's wait to see how Cocoa will feel like.
  3. Jill is our official purse secret agent, taking candid pics for us! LOL!
  4. thanks for sharing jill! sorry to hear that the leather sucks on this bag... but it's good to know that the resort collection is now infiltrating the stores. I will have to do some recon this week.
  5. I am sorry that you dont like it i hope you like the cocoa one.
  6. That's a good pic Jill...it definitely doesn't look like very good leather in it. Hope the cocoa is worlds better!
  7. Thanks for the pic Jill! I hate to jump on the bandwagon, but that doesn't look like a (I'm guessing) $1000+ bag. I have to disagree with you on the design, IMO the diagonal zipper looks like it was slapped on as an afterthought. I don't know the dimensions of this one but I far prefer the Stella. I'm eager to see the rest of the Resort collection (maybe you can take more pics :sneaky:
  8. ... I'm not a big fan of this one either.... that zipper does look slapped on
  9. I agree that the leather on this bag does not look great. In fact, and perhaps it's just my imagination, but I feel like the leather on the fall Stams and other quilted styles is also rough textured and weird. It seems like the quality of some of the other MJ bags has also gone downhill. I was in the MJ store a few weeks back looking at the slouchy tote (the style that's similar to the Hudson) and noticed the bags had a lot of glue residue on the detachable strap. When I'm plunking down over a grand for a bag I expect luscious leather and quality craftsmanship.