pic request: vachetta bottom

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  1. anyone have pictures of developed vachetta bottoms??

    i'm thinkin of a lockit PM but have yet to finalize because of this..

    thanks!!! ;)
  2. ^From Bag Fetish's link looks like this question has already been discussed with pics for reference. Looks great Bag Fetish!
  3. ^^ thanks!
  4. Here's my MC Alma, my DH bought it for me Christmas 2005:

  5. ^LOL! It still looks pretty good! : )
  6. ^^How often do you use it?

  7. Hmm. Good question. I've had it for a little over a year, I would say 20+ times.
  8. It's gorgeous!!!
  9. Thanks! : )
  10. This is my black MC Alma. I've had it since MC was launched.

  11. Lovely light patina vachetta bottoms, ladies!
  12. wow Michelle! That looks AWESOME!!!!
  13. Nice bottoms ladies...lol