Pic request: Paddy with shoulder strap

  1. Hey, do any of you have the Paddy with the detachable shoulder strap? Do you think the shoulder strap takes away from the bag? I wanted to see a picture of how it looks on a person, I've seen stock photos but never on someone. Thanks!
  2. I have a whiskey paddy with a shoulder strap-can't give you pic sorry as hubby has the camera. I wouldn't recommend it mainly because where the strap buckles to the paddy bag it is held with the one little rivet (or whatever you call it.) it really puts too much of strain on the leather, even when empty. Hubby told me to take the strap off before it ended up tearing the leather of the bag from too much weight.
    I thought the strap would make it a good shoulder bag but it doesn't hang nicely from the strap at all.
  3. I too have a shoulder strap paddy (choco) and must advise against getting one. There have been previous posts on this particular paddy style, search the forum for them and more info and a pic (if I remember correctly)
  4. Thanks for your replies. I figured the Paddy would be too bulky and heavy for a shoulder strap to be realistic.