Pic request! Medium zippy

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  1. I know some of you have/had this bag. Anyone have pics of it on the arm or perhaps a side by side pic with a reg paddy satchel? I think I like this bag but not so sure of the shape.
  2. I have posted a few crummy pics on another thread. Look for the thread from me called "My Taupe Zippy Arrived" or something like that. I'll try to take some decent ones tonight (it will be late though). =)
  3. I have a couple pics, but do not have a regular satchel for comparison.

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  4. So cute, SoCal!! I've lost track... what was your decision on Zippy?
  5. I think the medium went back and the large stayed? cant keep track! Bugger, I cant decide which one I like more, I'm afraid its one of those bags you need to see in person and i'm afraid thats not going to happen.
  6. You are correct! I returned the medium black to HB and kept the large whiskey.
  7. Okay, I didn't remember seeing that pic before so I thought it was new and you still had her. =)