Pic request Cruise speedy

  1. Can someone please post some modelling pics of the cruise speedy with things inside it

    I usually carry the pochette purse (a PTI is about the same size) a credit card holder or maybe like a cles, modile phone, couple of lipsticks, keys in key holder

    can you please put these things in or as close as you can get I need to see how saggy it is I'm in two minds about it

  2. anybody? Please
  3. I didn't get the speedy but I played with it. It's saggy-factor is on par with the denim speedy. Does that help? Also, the bottom is mini-lin fabric and it's going to get filthy quickly.
  4. ^ that's actually a good point I have the denim speedy and although I love it is a little smooshy umm I may to pass on this maybe hit up the rond and purse instead
  5. Check out the Marina. Both sizes are useful, good shapes. And kind of different.
  6. always an option
  7. I freakin loved it when I saw it, but the sag factor + dirties = turn off :sad:. SO beautiful, though!
  8. I'd love to see it, if anyone has photos.
    I saw it in the look book, but I'd love to see it in person.
  9. It's cute - I saw the red speedy, but it will get dirty quickly.