Pic Of White Hidden Label.....

  1. [​IMG]

    My SA from Saks in PA,sent this pic...Its a fantastic bag IRL!(Even if its over 3000!!!!LOL!)
  2. Soooooooooooo pretty. I love the hardware.
  3. Ooooooooooh it looks gorgeous in white, then again Im a SUCKER for a white Chanel bag!!!
  4. Im IN LUST with the black one...LMAO.....Just wish the price tag was LOWER!
  5. Looks so soft!! :heart:
  6. I saw it in red and loved it but I'm still not sure of the label at the bottom. :sad:
  7. Gorgeous :drool:
  8. :love: Love it!
  9. looks gorgg
  10. Nice but the price tag is like...WOW!
  11. I saw this yesterday at Saks! I didn't even know it was that pricey! wow!
  12. Yummy!! Love the bag..but I prefer it in black as well.....Oh just get it...didn't you just post you have all those Saks gift cards coming lol!!! Yeah..I'm totally enabling you!!!! But I have to agree....the price is high when you're not IN LOVE!!!! Then it wouldn't matter hehehe!!!
  13. That's really pretty!
  14. very nice bag!!!
  15. I guess I am in the minority, but I would much rather have a white jumbo classic as I don't really like this bag:sad: Thanks for posting the pic though, b/c I haven't had the chance to see this in person. Is it hard to come by?