PIC of the new SLIM modeled by Balenciaga SA.. what do you think?

  1. Here is the Slim modeled by one of the SA's at BNY. What do you think? I'm not liking it at all. Maybe in regular hw it might be okay, but can they make new styles in rh? Of course not.:cursing:
  2. i tried it on.. wasn't impressed.. the way the bag is structured looks a little funny to me, and i remember thinking that the opening was kind of narrow..
  3. I really like the shape, but think the second handle is a bit much.
  4. Emmm..I don't like it as well..
    Like you Powder, I might like it if it's RH..and I thought, the shape is very similar to Casper :shame:
  5. happy to see a modeling picture. but im not liking this.

    its something with the handles, like they are too stiff... and it makes the bag look awkward over the shoulder... maybe if it was broken in it would look better.
  6. I'm not crazy about the style............looks like it is kind of narrow at the top and might be hard to find anything way down in the bottom.
  7. :nogood: no way jose. I am NOT a fan.
  8. I sort of like it. Much more of a "Balenciaga" shape than a square. It rep's the silhouettes from the runway!
  9. it doesn't come in RH!?

    that's so silly! is GH really THAT popular where they gain by just producing certain styles w/GH?
  10. Well, fun to finally see a modeling pic! Thanks powder!! But I don't like this style either. It's just a weird shape, and very stiff looking. Nice that the handles easily fit on the shoulder though. It's much larger than I expected! And because it's so flat, I would think getting in to the bag would be a pain.
  11. I tried it on while at NM, and I didn't really like it for me personally. :shrugs: It wasn't really flattering to my shape and it was kind of akward to open up as if to get things out of it...
  12. Hmmm...I'm not really liking it :s. I think it would be a lot cuter if it were smaller, but the large size just doesn't work with the shape.
  13. :tdown: No, I'm definitely not a fan of this style. It looks sort of like an upside down chef's hat.
  14. I think it looks nice as long as you don't put anything in it. If you load it up (which I like to do with my squishy b-bags) then I think it would bulky and funny.
  15. I don't like it very much (I wonder how tall the SA is? It looks huge!). Maybe if it was nicely broken in I would like it better? Or maybe it's doomed to be another style that only lasts one season, like the Sphere.