Pic of someone carrying CB retro?

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  1. Does anyone have a pic of themself or someone else carrying a cherry blossom retro? I'd love to see how it looks carried, as I'm contemplating purchasing one. Thanks!
  2. Here ya go! I used to have it, then sold it. OH WHY?!?! :cry:

  3. Thank you!! It is gorgeous :love: Now I need to decide...brown/pink or red/cream (if I can find one)??
  4. Gorgeous :love:
  5. It looks very cute! I love the brown/pink combo :amuse:
  6. ^^^Why or why did you have to post this!!! I WANT IT NOW!!!:lol: :lol:
  7. Here is a pic of Paris and hers:
  8. hahhaha:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  9. Hold out for that Hermes !! :lol:

    It is a gorgeous bag though, I really like the CB retro in the pink
  10. I know!!! I should!!!
  11. I love the CB retro! :love: The cream/red is my favorite color combination. It's really cool looking, the name really does fit the bag :amuse:

    Ugh, WTF is up with my grammar. Nevermind, too tired to edit!
  12. The cream/red is my favorite too...unfortunately I have a feeling it will be difficult to find a retro in this color combo :sad2:
  13. I want a CB Retro SO bad. Either brown/pink or pink/pink. Its gorgeous!!
  14. I have that bag.:love: I forced an LV vachetta shoulder strap onto it.
    It's not meant to go on but works for me. I like to travel with it.
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