PIC of sandstone City bag!! she's so pretty

  1. It looks like a marriage of '05 caramel and greige. I really love this color. To me, it's the perfect neutral with enough color to not get dirty easily. I knew this would be the one that I really loved, I figured anthracite wouldn't be me, the aquamarine was big surprise :love: and I can't wait for the Twiggy to come in. I want aqua in a Twiggy. :yes:

    Here is the pic of the first. Now which photo is more true to the real color or is their variation?

  2. It looks decent, I wonder why the bags look so different, is it lighting?
  3. I fell in love with this color over the last couple of weeks.
    I called Bal NY to be added for the Weekender waitlist.

    Why haven't they called me yet? I'm so terribly excited :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop:
  4. I definitely like that City better than the First. It does look like it will be a great neutral.
  5. The color is gorgeous!!! reminds me of 05 Taupe :love:
  6. Powder, I LOVE this color, too! I think the second pic was taken with more sunlight than the first pic so maybe that is why there is so much of a difference.
  7. so pretty...i love it :love: thanks for posting photos!
  8. Thanks for the pics again powder. You always post nice pics of newly released colors. I am loving this color and here I am telling myself I am done with bbags for now.....hmmm it is so not happening, I must get this color.:sneaky:
  9. GORGEOUS!! :love: :love: :love: i want, i want !!
  10. My thoughts exactly !:yes:
  11. That is such a great color!!! So pretty!:smile:
  12. thkss for the pics

    i really love sandstone in tht city...definitely gorgeous...
  13. Look at the leather on both bags. Doesn't it almost look like '05 leather? I'm going to call tomorrow and quiz her on the leather.:yes:
  14. Gorgeous color!!!
    thank you for the pictures!!!
    ( I can only assume the true color of the bag is somewhere in between the two)

    I personally would get the sandstone color in a larger size bag... w/ GH!!!!!! yumm~
  15. am so loving this color :heart: