Pic of RM Kiss and Make Up in Wine....

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  1. I ordered this from Blue Heaven and :heart: it...It makes a great make up bag or clutch...

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  2. I love it! Then again, I love anything wine, but this is so wow! TDF! May I ask how much you bought it for?
  3. It's very simple but very gorgeous... i love how evn the colour looks (compared to the MAM/MAB). Great buy!
  4. Kimber very beautiful the wine color is very very nice
  5. very cute!
  6. Thanks for your compliments..I tried to order the elephant colored one from Shop Rapunzel, it was on sale but unfortunately it was sold out. They still had it on their site...I did pay full price for this one...They only offer a code if it is over $150...but I :heart: it...
  7. I think it was probably worth it. I have the same K&M (from the last sample sale) and I never thought that I cared that much about whatever cosmetic cases I used. Normally, I just used whatever freebees I picked up along the way. But I extra extra :heart: my wine Kiss and Make Up. I know you'll love yours. It gorgeous. Congrats.
  8. Wine, Wine , Wine. I want some Wine (chanting).
  9. Its very cute!
  10. soooo yummy....bye,bye, i'm off to buy one!
  11. What a gorgeous little bag! This one is definitely on my list!
  12. oh YUMMY!!!!!!!!!
  13. i just noticed the 2 tassels in the front. that is really cute!
  14. i wonder if the new Kiss and Makeups have new hardware? I think the tassels need to stay on the Kiss and Makeups because a zipper will take all the FUN away from a little makeup bag. KWIM?
  15. I want this bag did we ever try a SO for wine Kiss and make-up??