pic of new "Oak" Muse

  1. The new "Oak" Muse is now available at neimanmarcus.com. It looks darker in this pic than I expected it to be. Anybody seen it IRL?


    Here's Chocolate, which tends to look almost black in many pics.

  2. I've seen the Oak color at my local Nordy's. That NM photo is pretty close to the color, but I think it's lighter IRL. It's more like a brown/tan than a dark brown, if that makes sense....
  3. wow! that color is beautiful!!! thank you for posting the pic!!!
  4. I love this color. Should i change my mind from buying chocolate to this one? Is chocolate more classic?
  5. the oak has more red to it - looks like a reddish milk chocolate

    the chocolate looks like a dark european chocolate or espresso coffee.
  6. ^^^Thanks beaux. I was hoping someone would clear that up, because I have made up my mind on buying a Chocolate Muse next week in NYC, and I don't think I want to change it!

    I've already got a great, lighter-brown bag, the first-year Spy in Cognac. So I'm gonna stick with the Chocolate Muse.
  7. what Nordies has this color?!?! I think thats the color I will end up getting.
  8. How close is Oak to the whiskey Edith color? It looks different in the pic, but if someone has the whiskey and can tell me, I would appreciate it! Thanks!
  9. San Diego--Fashion Valley. Only SD-FV and Seattle carry YSL. If you decide to get the bag, give Joseph a call--he's the best! He's there now if you want to talk to him, lol. Their number is 619.295.4441, just ask for handbags and then for Joseph!
  10. I actually wish that the Oak had more red in it. I guess I will have to wait and see how the orange turns out. Has anyone see it IRL?
  11. thanks so much Im calling now!
  12. did u actaully see it in the store IRL? I just called and spoke to Joesph and he told me they didnt have it.
  13. The orange muse won't arrive until september (at least that's what I was told at ysl).
  14. PM'ed you.
  15. Oak is truly beautiful!!! But I cannot wait to see Orange!!!