Pic Of New Fp Wallet!!!

  1. I was browsing through the French Vuitton site and saw this pic, there were still no flash installed yet so I wasn't able to see the INSIDE....however, you do see that there's a flap in the middle. The site also did not mention the price, but I think it should be about the same as the one now. There are 8 CC slots, and from the pic, it looks like there are 3 on the left inside cover, and I'm not sure how the left over 5 will be distributed inside the flap.... I just hope that the new damier azur FP will also have 8 cc slots! *fingers crossed* :biggrin:
  2. It will be nice if they increase the CC slots in the Epi line too! Thanks for the pic! I was curious how they'd put in the extra slots
  3. Love it ! Hope they have it in damier too :smile:
  4. Very nice!
  5. Silver hardware though.. Vuitton has changed !
  6. When I spoke to the SA at Holt Renfrew, Toronto, she said that they were adding credit cards slots to the French purse/wallet as well as the Pochette wallet
  7. The flap exists on the older one FP as well (below is a pic of mine). I bet they will add four more CC slots on the other side.
    PICT3726.jpg PICT3727111.JPG
  8. I think it's still gold though........or am i going blind? lol
  9. Ya...I'm thinking the same...still better than nothing tho!
  10. My SA told me that Europeans don't use as many cards as us that's why not so many slots on the wallets. My wallet only has 3 and I added in one of those plastic card holder thingies b/c I have too many cards...,maybe it's a message to us to stop carrying so many lol
  11. :lol: That's a myth! I have 6 CC-slots and 5 larger ones - I wouldn't mind more :shame:
  12. I hope the hardware still gold. The more slots the better !
  13. What's damier azur, it sounds blue, and if it is, OMG I'm holding my breath...
  14. It has the damier pattern but with white and blueish-grey squares and I think it's coming out in November (?????). Just do a search in the forum and you'll find a lotta stuff on it.
  15. Beautiful! I love the style of this wallet but didn't like how there were only 3 card slots! Hopefully this will be the same price as the current French purse...is it...around $575?

    Does anyone know when it will come out? I'd love to purchase one of these!