pic of my trapeze :D!!

  1. i love her! :biggrin: hahaha *sorry for the lame photo quality - i need to work on using a digi cam*

  2. congratulations, i really like the colour.
  3. Absolutely gorgeous:P
  4. I love that colour:love:
  5. So pretty! :love:
  6. Love the Trapeze :love:
  7. Ooooh, so pretty! Enjoy!
  8. Its lovely! Now I want one :biggrin:
  9. Stunning bag! Congratulations.
  10. Such a pretty bag! Congrats!
  11. VERY pretty bag!!! Congrats!!!:love:
  12. So beautiful! Can you post pics of what the inside looks like?
  13. That bag is GORGEOUS. humm...i may have to buy an LV:nuts:
  14. Beautiful bag! Congrats!
  15. Is this bag still available? I didn't see it on elux.