Pic of my Red Edith

  1. [​IMG]
  2. Here is another
  3. I adore your new edith, you look lovely, your dog is adorable!
  4. Very classy! :yes: Every girl needs a red bag...
  5. Very nice, cute doggie, I'll have to photo my poodles in my next shot.....great bag, love that red!!
  6. looks fabulous with the dog.....that style really suits you!
  7. Absolutely gorgeous!!! Congrats..
  8. love your Edith, but love the Pom even more!
  9. Love the bag, red is one of my Favorite colors! Sort of Hollywood with the pet accessory too. - Awesome!
  10. I love this red Edith! I have been looking for a red bag but I don't know if I could pull off the color. Congrats & enjoy her!!!
  11. Enjoy your gorgeous new Edith! I don't take Edith out enough - you are inspiring me :yes:
  12. Laughing, we've had poms all our lives before Nichole Richie, before Paris Hilton, even before Fran Dresher! Oooops I'm aging myself!

    Ditto on the red puse comments. I've had only one years ago, a coach backpack and I never used it.

    BTW I sling that Edith on my shoulder, granted one strap but it works.

    Thanks for the kind words all!!

    I feel relieved to finally post some pictures.:yahoo:
  13. This is gorgeous Susie! I particularly love the Red Edith! That leather is yummy!
  14. Beautiful! :tup: You wear her so well. :heart:

    And your fluffy friend is gorgeous too.

    Can't wait to join the Edith owner ranks myself!

  15. oh susie!!!That edith is just amazing!!! It looks great on you, you're one stylish lady!!