PIC of My Python Silverado....I am in LOVE

  1. :P I finally receive my Python Silverado in Cognac(dark brown), it only takes a few day, but i feel its been so long....

    She is soooo pretty.:love: i cant stop to look at her

    and here's some picture of her, and the last picture is my little chloe family member. 04 Python, 05 Choco, and 06 Blanc

    thanks for letting me share:yahoo:
    照片 260 (Medium).jpg 照片 262 (Medium).jpg 照片 250 (Medium).jpg 照片 248 (Medium).jpg 照片 259 (Medium).jpg
  2. Congrats on your new bag! It looks so lovely. I always like the python on this bag.
  3. CONGRATS :nuts:
    So pretty.... I love your chloe family!!! Enjoy :heart:
  4. Congrats! She is a beauty:love:
  5. It looks gorgeous, congrats..!! :flowers: That colour looks so amazing and rich in python, wow..!!:girlsigh:
  6. Gorgeous:nuts:
  7. OMG stunning!!!

  8. gorgeous collection!:love:
  9. Thank you for sharing, love the family pic.
  10. OMG! I am in LOVE with your bag! That color is just incredible! Congratulations!!!! and the family pic is awesome! LOVE IT!
  11. thanks for the compliments, you really make my day :love: :rolleyes: ......

    Actually, this is my first time to own a bag in exotic leather...
    it seems so delicate which make me very be careful on that.

    and too bad, today its a raining day......she could only stay home....:Push:
  12. I love your bag! It's definitely on my holy grail bag list. :love:
  13. OMG......what a beautiful bag, the colour is out of this world
  14. Fabulous! You have a great collection of Chloes!!
  15. thanks again for the compliment....and thanks for being here to look at her.

    my chloe family are now sitting on my couch..
    and I AM SITTING ON THE FLOOR.....:jammin: no space for me....haha