**Pic of my Petrol**

  1. Gosh some of you ladies have such unbelievable spys...I didn't realize that my spy was such a unique color till I made my way into the fendi forum....
    She's certainly not as bubbly (didn't know what that meant till I got here) and I am guilty of leaving her unstuffed in the bottom of my closet with newer purchases laying on top of her (bad bad girl I am!!)...
    But here she is.....

    I do love her, she goes so great with denim and she takes such abuse....I'm repenting and promise to make it up to her!! LOL..
  2. She's darling! I love petrol!
  3. Wow!! Welcome to the fendi forum :flowers:...your petrol is GORGEOUS!! Thanks for posting pics!
  4. Sorry about the bathroom, a tornado called my husband made his way through and is waiting for a self cleaning miracle to occur!!
  5. YUMMMMM!!! Lovely leather, gorgeous color. Congrats on acuiring a very rare and luscious Spy:heart:
  6. Gorgeous!!!:drool: I'm still itching for one, but I keep on waiting for more colors to come out before I take the plunge. Enjoy her. She's a beauty!
  7. Wow it is gorgeous.
  8. Gorgeous
  9. wow! it looks so much darker in that lighting. leather looks soooo soft!
  10. gorgeous gorgeous! take her out to make her feel better!
  11. The Petrol is one of my all time favourites, and you are right it does go so well with denim. Congrats on a lovely spy
  12. Somehow it doesn't look right to me.