pic of my new diamond earrings

  1. Some of you may remember my post about what size diamond studs for everyday wear. After a lot of research on Pricescope, reading responses from you ladies, shopping locally....I decided 1ctw wasn't big enough for me. I got 80 points each ear from WF and they are sparkly and well cut. I sacraficed in color to get size but I got nice clarity and cut and they are very pretty. I don't have my own pics yet but here is the pic WF sent to me before they shipped them.
  2. beautiful!
  3. Congrats~~ they're gorgeous!!
    Post modeling pics when they arrive~ hehe
  4. they're beautiful! I don't think you'll regret for one moment going a little lower in color to get larger stones!:tup:
  5. Awesome. Looking forward to seeing photos.
  6. Pretty!
    Are those the martini settings?
  7. Yes.
  8. They're really pretty!
  9. :yes:I look forward to modeling pictures too
  10. very nice.
  11. Lovely, congrats, looking forward to modelling pics.
  12. They look great. I don't think you'll miss the color sacrifice either. I hope you love them!
  13. Lovely, looks like an excellent size
  14. that's so pretty!
  15. wowww! Amazingly gorgeous!