Pic of my new Choco Paddy

Thanks! I'm sure you will also receive your new bag soon. LVR works pretty quickly. They took a few days to process the order, but once it ships, you receive it in about 3-4 days.:amuse:
:love: :love: Love! :love: :love:

I have the chocolate satchel and chocolate box and adore them both. It is so rich and vintage looking, especially in the satchel. Enjoy your bag! BTW, all Paddingtons have "issues" whether it is scratches on the hardware or minor discolorations in the leather. I have four satchels and a box and all but the box have their little nuances. It's a shame we can't get 100% perfection (and I'm as picky as one can get). I am going on memory here but I read that yours had either a cut in the leather or discoloration in the leather. If that was someone else forgive my lapse in memory.:shame: