Pic of my new checks :)

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  1. I ordered new checks with a pic of my new JPG on them:p
    I just love them and of course wanted to share them with all of you.
    checkpic (5).jpg
  2. :nuts: Penny, that's terrific! LOL I have all these crazy ideas in my head now...
  3. WOW! It's so unique and lovely! Normally I see flowers and pets, but never a Hermes Birkin! I can see how you liked your Hermes!
  4. I know I am a little H crazy girls--:cool::wacko:
  5. Awww!! Thats a true Hermes addict :nuts:
  6. GUILTY!!!!!:nuts:
  7. It's soooo cute! Why can't we have those too?
  8. Oh my gosh, I love that idea!! :love:
  9. OH thats so cute, what a true fan, you have to shop t H with it!
    I just wanted to state that i can acctually see the information on the check under the black texter, I hope you can get he mods to take it down and repost a safer version i would hate for this pic to cause you anymore headaches. you never know the psychos which are lurking.
  10. this is such a novelty & so cute to be able to customise your cheques... i wish they had such services where i am... :biggrin:

    p/s: yes, like naughtymanolo - i can see your details vaguely even though you had black out your details - i suggest you remove tis pic for safety sake & repost another. :biggrin:
  11. Penny, you are too funny! Love the checks!
  12. Penny, that's so cute! I wish we have it here too.

  13. I edited all her personal info out! Thanks for keeping an eye out for eachother- that is what makes this place so amazing!

    Penny- the checks are adorable!!!
  14. Penny, those are so cute!!! :tup:
  15. I love it, PennyD! :heart: