Pic of my Hayden-Harnett Mercer Satchel in Chalk

  1. I'm sharing pics of my new HH Mercer Satchel in Chalk. IRL, it's not as bright-white, it's more of a slightly grayish-white. It's a great everyday bag for Spring and Summer :biggrin:
    hh1.JPG hh3.JPG hh4.JPG
  2. Oh wow, really cute!!! Love the green interior. That's a cutie for sure. =)
  3. That is really cute! I love the green interior too.
  4. Wow! I love that green interior too! It makes a simple white bag really stand out
  5. Great bag, I love this designer's leather!
  6. Great style! The compartments are cool!
  7. Very pretty- the leather is sooooooo soft!
  8. Thanks for the pictures, annabelle. It's a good looking bag, and love it in white.
  9. Annabelle...it is just goregous!! I :love: the green interior!!!
  10. Wow, love it! Looks so smooshy!
  11. soooooo pretty! i love how hh does the green interior for the white bags! i can't wait tog gt my satchel...its been backordered since forever and a day!!!!
  12. Perfect color combo for spring/summer...congrats!
  13. Very nice!!! I agree with everyone about the green interior, it looks fantastic! Congrats!
  14. KK, You're welcome!
    And thanks everyone!! Now after seeing a pic of a white Gerard Darel on a different thread, I want another one!:amuse:
  15. Cute :biggrin:
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