Pic of My Favorite LV

  1. I know it's just an accessory, but seriously. You know why I love my bracelet so much? Cause I can wear it ALL THE TIME... Even if I want to take out another bag, this bracelet WORKS and I get countless compliments--more than on my bags, to be completely honest. It also goes with brown OR black, if you ask me. I can wear it with Burberry Check or with Prada Leather and it *works*... I love love love it!

  2. It's beautiful!!!!
  3. wow, nice bracelet!
  4. Flickr is blocked in the UAE so I can't view the photo. :tdown: Which bracelet is is? Anyway, Congratulations!!
  5. It's the Small S Lock Bracelet in Black Suhali
  6. It is a stunning bracelet, glad you get a lot of wear out of it, that is the best kind of LV!
  7. I've never seen that! It's super cute!
  8. Ahh.. loves it ! I've been wanting a s-lock bracelet in white suhali forever !!
  9. cool!
  10. Yap, looks great on ya!
  11. Happy for you :girlsigh:
  12. Yay for you!
  13. It looks great on you. Thanks for posting the pic.
  14. i love it soo cute
  15. Cute bracelet!