Pic of my "collection"!

  1. I can hardly believe it, cos this time last month I didn't own any Mulberrys at all, and now I have a collection! Well, it's a tiny collection cos it's only three bags....but it's a start hey :p Oh, I have a belt too, but I forgot to include that. I'm going to the Outlet shop in Cheshire Oaks a week on Saturday so the collection may grow....!!

    From L-R: East West Baywater in Oak, Belle in Chocolate, and Rosemary in Lavender (which is really dark pink!)

  2. Great bags, love your Rosemary!!!
  3. Oooh Goldfinch - love that Rosemary! It's such a lovely colour.
  4. Wow- lovely collection. The rosemary in lavender is gorgeous!!!
  5. I think I may have overlooked the Rosemary which I think was a mistake. It's a great shape and I like the fact it has a shoulder strap. Hmmmmm....:graucho:
  6. If you can be tempted, there are several Lavender Rosemarys left on sale (£246) in the St Christophers Place shop just off Oxford Street :graucho:
  7. Lovely collection and all in 1 month.Wow! I wonder how many you will have this time next year? Enjoy :tup::tup:
  8. behave yourself! wait till May!!! Are u still thinking of selling olive phoebe?

  9. Uh oh! No, going to be strong. I just vowed in Jo's resolution thread that I wouldn't impulse buy and wouldn't buy without seeing a bag IRL. Better stick to it seeing as it's only 17 days into the new year!! :angel:

  10. Yes I am. I used it a few times when I first got it and then put it in the wardrobe. I realised this week that I've not used it since which usually means the kiss of death for a bag!
    I am really a one-strap bag girl - Hanover has proved to be the exception because the straps are quite long and I can keep them on my shoulder!
  11. Beautiful collection. The Rosemary is very lovely. Thanks for sharing the picture!
  12. I love your collection, goldfinch. The Rosemary is beautiful in that colour.

    And I'll be going past St Christopher's Place next week, too!

    Sarajane - remember we talked about trying out a Rosemary strap on the Phoebe? I'm guessing you haven't had a chance to do that yet?!
  13. Gorgeous collection.
  14. lovely collection i am the owner of a lavender rosemary too -picked her up today i just hope she ages as well as the classic colours black choc or oak.
    i was tempted by the choc version when i went to collect lavender but having put them side by side and chatting to the sales assistant i decided there was just something that shouted be different brighten up your accessories so i decided to go with my original choice x:nuts:
  15. Eeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr????????????????:ban: