Pic of my Alana in Vanilla

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  1. Here at long last is a picture of my Alana in vanilla which I purchased from SM a few weeks back. Just could not figure out how to upload the pictures as it kept saying it was too large. Anyway, here ir is:

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  2. Dexter - the Alana looks so great in vanilla. Congratulations! I've the same bag in black & I love mine but think it looks even prettier in the paler colours. Good choice.
  3. Sj - I wasn't sure of the colour when I first got it but now I absolutely adore it.
  4. You got it when the weather was still quite wintry, it's one of those colours that will look fantastic on a bright sunny day.
  5. That's really beautiful, well done!:tup: I also have the alana in black, my 1st mulberry, & I wasn't sure about it at all for quite a while. But now I love it!:heart:
  6. It looks great -will be fantastic when we finally get some better weather!
  7. Wow what a lovely bag - Congratulations.

    I saw somebody with an Oak one of these at Bicester and I liked it but how easy is it to wear and get into. It looks like one of those that you have to sit down and open with 2 hands - a bit of a fiddle?

    Also, does it slouch a bit or does it keep quite rigid and hold its shape when being carried?

    Sorry about the questions, but it may be another one for me to consider.
  8. Gorgeous!
  9. That is scrummy!!!! :biggrin:
  10. That is gorgeous! Congrats to you Dexter!
  11. Ali - It is a lovely bag IMO. It closes with a flap that has a magnetic closure so you don't have to use both hands to open it. It is not really slouchy and sits up quite straight but I don't know how it would be when it has been well used and the leather has softened.
  12. Thanks for the pic Dexter. Looks fab in that colour :tup:
  13. That is so lovely!!! Congratulations! I bet you are thrilled,and now can't wait for summer,its truly lovely!
  14. lovely bag Dexter,great choice
  15. Thanks Dexter. Its a really lovely bag.