Pic. of my 07 Rouge Vermillion & 06 Rouge VIF

  1. hi
    i just got my new city bag 2007 rouge vermillion
    here are the picture compare b/w rouge 07 & rouge 06
    flash1.JPG noflash1.JPG flash2.JPG noflash2.JPG
  2. WOW .... GORGEOUS :nuts: !! Great comparison pics .... thank you for sharing Andy.... :flowers: :love:

  3. [​IMG]
  4. I like the 2006 best! Although they are both lovely
  5. No problem firstclass1 :nuts: , thanks for show my pic. up
    Now I'm a red collector, see the pix. on yr left under my name?
    I have Chloe grenat red paddington & rouge silverado python also
    Now I'm hunting ROUGE THEATER 2005,
    Any one know where I can find one ... PLEASE KINDLY HELP
    Thank you very much :yahoo:
  6. wow, thanks for doing this :smile:
  7. congrats on your rouge verm! wow...rouge vif and verm look so similar! do you see the difference between the 2 reds?
  8. Thanks for the great comparison pics, Andy! I love your Chloe red Silverado too. I really like the vibrancy of the new red, now I am inspired to get a little something in it. :biggrin: Did you see any other Vermillion bags IRL? Does the red vary a lot in orange-ness among them? I've been seeing some pics of the Verm that are quite orange, but I LOVE the redder tone of the one you have.
  9. Wow, thanks for doing this! I posted a thread comparing my 2006 rouge vif and my 2005 rouge theatre a couple of weeks ago - so this is nice to see too.

    Wow, the vermillion really makes the Vif look berry'ish. Yummy!
  10. Beautiful!Thanks for the comparison pics! Love them both!:yes:
  11. i love them both!
  12. in the second picture, the vermillion looks quite orange-brown compared to the rouge vif. i still like the rouge vif better.
  13. Wow! Beautiful reds!! I might have to add a red bbag to my wishlist sometime in the future.... Love the VIF!
  14. the vermilllion looks almost like rouille in some pics! I've seen it in real life though and it looks extremely similar to rouge vif unless you put it next to each other and stare. =)
  15. You're right! My eye's really hurt after I look at these bag all day. They look very similar. Sometime I even think my rouge vif day might be rouge theater. LOL ..... I want rouge theater!!:mad: